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Your Scorpio Horoscope for November 28th

Your Scorpio prediction for Monday, November 28th, 2022

Scorpio, rejoice, the spirits are in a good mood today. The Horoscope brings you excellent vibes and positive energy for a fun day, which you certainly deserve.


Scorpio, you have a blank page to fill in as your heart desires.  Love is a lump of clay, and today you'll be responsible for the form you want it to take. Make the most of this gift from the heavens, for it's neither ordinary nor commonplace.

Singles, is this the day to take the step towards that person you're so attracted to? 

Couples, is it finally time to let yourself go and do things without having to plan ahead?

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Your Scorpio Horoscope isn't particularly good for money matters. It'll be a special day in many respects, but this isn't one of them. Why don't you think more about those other matters that will shine today?

Remember that money, while important, isn't the main thing in life and will never be the source of your happiness.


Scorpio, you're strongly advised not to do anything productive. Forget about work. Any activity you want to profit from won't turn out as expected.

This will be a day to bring out that lazy, contemplative part of you. Dust off that puzzle you left unfinished, install that game you love so much, rewatch that movie you know by heart, and forget about the world.


Your Scorpio Horoscope opens its arms wide and invites you to do the same. This is a day to love and enjoy with your friends,  forget about problems and celebrate the joy of life.


Scorpio, you appear relaxed and cheerful.  The breaks are working, and your body seems to be recovering, you just need to extend this process of rest a little longer.

However, this doesn't mean that you should sit on the couch and do nothing. Put on your trainers and go for a walk under the trees. Feel the earth beneath your feet and try to connect your spirit with nature.