Scorpio Sunday on a night sky background

What's hidden will be unveiled - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, March 28, 2021

This full moon will bring powerful energies that will push you to profound and true changes


This Sunday, Scorpio’s matters of the heart might get tricky.  The stars indicate a tendency to enjoy situations that might take in a risky edge.

Are you seducing someone you shouldn’t even be dreaming about? Scorpio, you’re getting into big trouble and you know it.

Today will be the full moon and, if you’re having a secret affair, you’re headed straight towards being found out. The light of the sun in Aries will make any hidden situations come to light. Whether you’re in a forbidden situation or simply fantasizing about one, everything is about to come to light. The same goes if your partner is lying to you, you’ll find out very soon and you’ll have to sort this problem out as best you can.

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Professional matters will come to a very interesting turning point. All the effort you’ve made over the past few months is yielding results and, for this reason, you’ll shine as much as you’d like.

This Sunday you could tidy up your desk, optimize your computer by deleting unnecessary files and programs, among other improvements you could do in just a couple of hours.

Your expenses should be minimal to make up for the expenses you’ve had over the past few days.

Any expenses which aren’t strictly necessary should be put on hold for a few days to compensate for the expenses you’ve had this month.


The moon in Libra will make your sign experience a tendency to psychological suffering.  You’d want to be alone to analyze your inner problems, those no one knows about and which reside in the depths of your heart. If you can share them with someone you trust, it will be a relief.

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