Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Dissipate that dark energy from your life - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The moment you realize you're surrounded by bad energy, it dissintegrates as if by magic


When you’re treated in a cold or distant way you feel like a lost puppy, but you're not in a position to judge your partner’s behaviour, Scorpio.  You’re the first one to move towards your dreams without thinking of the consequences and today you’ll get a taste of your own medicine.

Many Scorpios will feel that their relationship is on its last legs, however, they’ll struggle to make the decision to break up. You might not be ready for this, your feelings are in turmoil and you feel you might break your heart of the other person’s if you decide to put an end to it. Think about it and hold your peace.


The stars indicate very powerful energy moving in your favour in your professional matters, especially for those born in the first Decan. The astral strength of the sun in Leo is projected and allow Scorpio to achieve some of the goals they’ve set for the month of July.

You’ll take some measures which aren't good for your financial security. The strength of the planets that bless you from Capricorn will give you tenacity and communication skills so you can make the necessary moves that will take you towards success.

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With the presence of the moon in your sign you’ll have an especially susceptible day. You’ll be more intuitive and sensitive than other days, and, for this reason, you might be affected by the energy of those around you. Avoid the influence of those people you know are negative. You can detect these people without issues, and it is paramount to your wellbeing that you keep them at arm’s length.

A good warm bath with a few drops of lavender or rosemary essential oils will help you unload all that negativity.