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You'll greatly enjoy working - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, January 28, 2021

You'll have the privilege of feeling that your professional life expands your wellbeing and good mood


Most of this day you might be suffering because you feel conflicted. Your emotional life could be very intense while at the same time being cold and distant.

You might be experiencing moments of great tension within your soul. Something bothers you and you probably don’t know how to initiate a change within you to put everything you feel into words and, thus, find an outlet to those very strong emotions.

You’d like to give your love and, in contrast, your tendency might be to hide inside your shell of silence and distance.

Scorpio, this Thursday the stars strongly influence you on emotional matters, don’t be troubled as this will pass in a few hours. You should simply start a change and listen to your true feelings in silence. The time to act will come.

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This is a very pleasant day at work and for your performance, if you manage to get your home and family matters off your head.

If you can focus on your short-term goals this Thursday, the day will be placid and pleasant for many.

If you’re in a partnership you might not be able to count on your business partner’s help, you’ll have to solve an urgent matter without consulting them, Scorpio.


You might believe you’re hydrated when, in fact, you’re not.  You need to drink two liters of good quality water in order to improve your health. But the moon in Cancer also deals with your emotional health and being able to find an expression to your physical energy through means that give you comfort and bring peace to your soul. If you can go for a swim, or have a hot bath or a jacuzzi to help you relax, this will be very positive for you.

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