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Your Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Friday, May 27, 2022

Scorpio, keep an eye on your tiredness at work today


Scorpio, your Horoscope warns you that you're going to get the standard message from that weird fling who got you excited but left you in the lurch.

Today, you know what you'll get when you read this on your mobile. Don't worry, although you'll hesitate at first, you'll know what to do so you don't lose your temper. These months you've developed enough maturity to commit it to memory without losing control.


The daily Horoscope reminds you that it's Friday and the end of the month is approaching. It's a good time to establish your total monthly net income. If your income varies, try to estimate the average amount.

Your Scorpio Horoscope recommends that, once you have done this, you deposit your funds in a savings account. You'll later receive interest according to the balance you keep in it. It's a simple way to generate a passive income that will give you the opportunity to buy that dream.


Scorpio, today you could be feeling tired at work as you've been giving your all on this project for weeks. This Friday you'll start to notice that the effort is taking its toll. It won't cheer you up to know that one of the people you get along with the best is going to be fired.

Your Scorpio Horoscope recommends that, in order to manage these feelings, the best thing to do is to take it easy today. Go home early if you can.


Your Scorpio Horoscope reminds you that the ideal way to fall asleep is to put all problems and thoughts out of your mind. Stop thinking.

You can learn to master your mind with meditation, so it's a highly recommended practice at bedtime. You haven't slept well for days, it's time to change that.


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