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You'll understand your deepest feelings - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, January 27, 2021

A lot of inner work will resilt in a wonderful understanding of your inner self


A cycle of self-discovery starts for many Scorpios, thanks to the energy of the Black Moon in Taurus which pushes you to discover the unintentional negative tendencies that harm your partner. Due to a conflict, you’ll try to discover your most hidden and darkest areas. It’s not easy for you to deal with your darkness, however, making some room for this inner work can be very favourable in the long-term.

Many traumas from your childhood and youth might come to light this Wednesday thanks to the action of Pluto in opposition to the moon in Cancer. Your soul’s growth will be extreme if you get carried away by the deepest emotional waters, Scorpio.

You’ll have great revelations if you open up your mind and allow others to point out your failings and issues, it will be important to discover your own sensitivity so you can stop clinging to what your family or partner do.

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There are certain problems at work which are beyond you, and which end up tarnishing your image even though it isn’t up to you to make things better or make them fall back into place.

It might be time to start a project, once you do it you should stick with it.  You need to make an effort in the development of this matter if you want to achieve the success you desire.

Your dreams are possible with some effort and a lot of perseverance. Don’t let go of your dreams so you can carry out a great business or undertaking.


Your willpower and natural energy might be affected by intense emotional states. Leave behind your hypochondriac tendencies, fear won’t lead anywhere but it will lower your physical defences.  Being afraid of catching an illness will hurt you more than you can imagine.

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