Scorpio Saturday on a night sky background

Seduction ensured - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, February 27, 2021

Discord and conflict dissolve with a comfortable exchange of glances, thanks to the softness brought to you by Venus


Life as a couple becomes a mystical wonder for you, Scorpio. Your relationship might become something that feels like a mystical experience. You’ll touch the sky with your hands thanks to the influence of the stars which remove the pressure you’d been feeling for a long time.

Single Scorpios will feel confident in their ability to seduce and will trust that they’ll find the love of their lives.

An old flame might resurface for those who are single, it might be a time of the month where they feel their world is transforming and they’ll need some space to reflect on it.

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Right now, there isn't a lot of available energy for renovations or changes, on the contrary, you’ll want to keep things just as they are. You’ll be tired and spending time on new matters might be tedious for you today. But, if you want to keep your job, the best thing will be to be more creative and willing to change the way you do things as the circumstances unfold. Resisting change doesn’t help you progress.

This Saturday’s lucky number is 19, the energy vibration of this number is wonderful, filling your material life with optimism and a luminous vibe. Learning to be less impulsive can greatly aid your professional progress. You’ll earn the trust of your bosses or clients and your income will increase.


The energetic flows are wonderful with regards to your health and physical wellbeing. Although perhaps you’ll be a bit distracted and with a tendency to daydream.

If you’re undergoing medical treatment, you’ll experience great improvement.

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