Scorpio Horoscope Thursday 2020

You'll be surprised by some extra money - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, August 27, 2020

The stars promote good news at work, it might be a salary raise or a financial bonus


This Thursday the stars influence Scorpio’s relationships in such a way that they might find themselves roped into small falling outs at home or with their partner. You’ll have to be very tactful when expressing your disagreement and you’ll also need to learn to listen and to respond correctly to the poor treatment you’ll receive.

You can’t lock horns over trivialities, the astral energies appear explosive, but you can control the emotional atmosphere if you listen to these warnings.

Younger Scorpios will have a very passionate day. Little Scorpios might have mood swings which will lead to problems which could have easily been avoided.


The presence of Mars in your zodiac area pertaining to your job promises good news for the children of Pluto who were born in the third decan. For this reason, if your birthday is between the 12th and the 22nd of November, get ready for a day of great movement at work. It could be a salary raise or a promotion.  If you’re looking for a job, you’ll soon receive news.

It’s a day of great energy which you shouldn’t waste. What you do today will be the starting point of a better professional life.

The good relation between Mars and the luminaries, the sun and the moon in fire elements, will stimulate and energize all of your goals and growth dreams. Act on this motivating project today, Scorpio.

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Scorpio, with so much professional activity and today’s extreme emotional sensitivity, you should watch your thoughts and be present by focusing all of your attention on positive matters.

Try to keep your vibrating frequency high through breathing exercising.