Scorpio Horoscope Saturday 2020

Time to be the life of the party - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, September 26, 2020

Your mysterious and sensual nature makes you a very sought after person amongst your friends and suitors


It’s time to stop giving explanations for every step you take or every decision you make.  If they love you, they won't keep asking you to justify your actions. They’ll just understand them, Scorpio.

You’ll project yourself in an enigmatic way which will seduce and attract the glances of both men and women. The stars conspire to give a unique touch of sensuality to your way of moving and of showing who you are. You want to show how much you're worth in love and showcase your mastery of the sexual arts.

If you thought your role in the relationship was to be the one who handles unpleasant situations, you can set that aside today.

You’ll vibrate a sensual and fun energy which will attract many of your friends and they’ll want to share in your refreshing spirit.


Adversity and problems at work seem constant. But it's not your fault, Scorpio. You have to deal with awful people who are hellbent on destroying your position in the company. If you’ve been impeccable with your tasks, you’ll have to ignore the problem.

Those who think they need to carry out a little healing ritual or energy cleanse can start by taking a hot bath with sea salts and a few drops of rosemary or lavender essential oil. Visualize that all the negativity is pushed out of your reality and that you open a new path towards success.

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It’s time for Scorpio to make changes. You’ll want to change the appearance of your hair, or maybe even your body. Make an appointment with your stylist and pick a change that makes you feel more youthful and dynamic.

Carry out activities which strengthen your muscles. This way you’ll change your mood and improve your mental health. You’ll get rid of the stress of the week and you’ll have the vitality of a child.