Scorpio Horoscope Thursday 2020

Good energies favour your achievements - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, November 26, 2020

Don't get sidetracked on matters which aren't entirely clear to you, and enhance what's true in your life


Don’t get stuck on what your partner says during an argument, but on what they do on a daily basis at home. The truth of their feelings is expressed in these small gestures of love, and you, more than anyone, can see the details hidden behind the eyes of most people. You’re the king of subtlety, Scorpio, and for this reason you shouldn’t trouble yourself over a domestic dispute which little had to do with the true love you have for one another.

Mars in a bad aspect is affecting the mood of many Scorpios who can become irascible and explosive.

Scorpios who are currently single have a surprise awaiting them in the unlikeliest of places. A fleeting yes unforgettable love might be around the corner.

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It’s a special day in your professional life, Scorpio. The stars indicate a strong energy which guarantees the achievement of some goals which troubled you, and which will appear to calmly flow this Thursday.

This Thursday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 3. The most magical number of all, which vibrates creativity and success founded in the cooperation between two or more people with a common goal.

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It’s a perfect day for Scorpios who are interested in new therapies which will help them achieve health and wellbeing.

Eliminating the toxins that have built up due to your past bad habits seems to be easier for you this Thursday. Drink plenty of water and do gentle exercise, after a gentle massage you’ll feel like a new person.