Scorpio Friday on a night sky background

Control your impulses and evaluate the details - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, March 26, 2021

Observing reality in from all its perspectives will help you choose a better path in your love life


There’s a lot of tension in the homes of Scorpios, for this reason going out with friends or getting together for a chat might end up being the best option for most. However, this might cause more problems at home. Your partner’s perception might be very negative. They’ll think you’re escaping t avid facing an unpleasant situation between you.

Perhaps you should sit down and have an honest face to face chat. There’s a lot to change and transform between the two of you, and it won’t be long before these problems blow up like a bomb.

Single Scorpios will receive an invitation from a very sexy but private person. Something about that person might make you feel uncomfortable or out of place.  Don’t delve into this relationship without careful thought. Listen to your intuition.

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A new cycle starts where you might earn more than you’re used to, and this will give you some breathing room.

It’s a very demanding day, the astral energy will bring more activity than you’d like, the upside is that you’ll experience great satisfaction.

Scorpios tend to be known for their skill knowing things that remain hidden to others, and today your intuition will stand out. Your near future will partly depend on your intelligence. You’ll manage to show unparalleled skill at work and, if you add to it certain favourable changes at work, you’ll have many surprises today.


The stars indicate a lot of energy and wellbeing, although emotional matters will tarnish this vibe.  Perhaps some of your behaviours have hurt someone you love, however, your remorse will be pointless.

Your mind and feelings need to be balanced to achieve the wellbeing of your organs. Organize your day and look for a relaxed space to free your mind and heart.

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