Your relationship solidifies - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The stars indicate a tendency to reconnect with the true feeling that lives in your heart, so you can take a leap in your love life


This Tuesday, the moon is going through the placid and emotional sign of Cancer. This water sign invites you to connect with your fondest dreams and sweetest inner needs.

The stars will favour you on all matters pertaining to expressing your feelings, Scorpio. You’re a wonderful person and all those who know you are aware of how amiable your company is, and for this reason, your distance might be very painful for them.

Love within a relationship will consolidate for many thanks to an inner change which will be reflected on their actions. You’re opening your heart and your partner can see it, even if you’re single, someone who wants to start a serious relationship with you will notice the way you welcome their affection.

The sexuality of many Scorpios will go through a colder or more distant period now. Don’t worry, Scorpio, this will only last one day.

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There’s great tension affecting Scorpios, especially those born in the second decan who will receive Uranus’s rays, changing everything that have made them feel safe until recently.

You’ll have to protect your reputation at work, that which is being plotted around you could affect you more than you think, you might be damaged by an intrigue which is being cooked behind your back. Staying confident and in touch with certain people today can protect you from suffering greater damage.


Your discomfort will vanish, Scorpio.  If you’re one of those who are currently suffering from an ailment, the recovery will be quicker than you think.  Everything you decide to undertake for the benefit of your health will be simpler and easier: diets, exercises or treatments will yield great results.

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