Scorpio Friday on a night sky background

Sweet encounters with friends - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, February 26, 2021

Cuando no puedes controlar tus pensamientos el estrés comienza a hacer de las suyas y debilita tu digestión


For this last Friday of February, the moon will favour meeting with friends and gatherings where you can chat about a better future and a new world that’s more favourable for life as a whole; ecology will be the main drive behind the feelings of many Scorpios.

Heated dialogues can lead to a certain level of tension which you can easily overcome.  You’ll see yourself reflected in the opinions of many colleagues with whom you’ll want to put into action your dreams and ideals.

Regarding matters of the heart, those born in the first decan will be especially favoured by the arrival of Venus in a water sign which brings them the possibility of expressing feelings in a sweeter and more pleasant way, which promotes the encounter with the other person and understanding between those who were at odds.

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The presence of Saturn in a tense aspect with your sun can cause delays and other obstacles in achieving your goals this Friday.

In the face of difficulties and problems, you’re one of those who become stronger and find a way to face the storm.  You’ll be able to give a boost to your matters and then you’ll move forward despite everything going against you.

You’re a magician when you decide to control the energy around you with your mind, Scorpio. Request the support of the universe to choose the best options. If you think that your guardian angel is beside you, this will be a good opportunity to request their guidance and protection.


The central nervous system is connected to your gut, and today, conflicts might cause problems in your digestive tract. Learning to eat light meals will help you in the face of these astral conditions, boldo or peppermint infusions will greatly aid your digestion.

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