The Scorpio sign surrounded by stars

You'll want freedom - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, December 26, 2020

Your body has limitations and today you migh have to face them. There are still celebrations ahead


Sex can become the most accurate language for connecting with your partner.  Your feelings could become ambivalent, on the one hand you’ll want to be compatible in all areas with your beloved, and on the other you might feel they’re depriving you of your freedom to act. The most favourable thing to do in these cases will be to give free rein to your games. The inner freedom you reflect will be admirable.

Those who are single are being pushed by the stars to enjoy their body and their inner world without barriers or prejudice. You’re a very powerful person who achieves their desire without too much effort.

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Mercury in a harmonious aspect with the sun will push Scorpio’s commercial matters with great strength. It will be important for you to pay attention to the notifications, emails, calls and messages you might receive this Saturday. Often you have lost information which would have given you the tools to make a decision in the face of a financial dilemma.

If you’re in the process of dissolving a partnership or dividing family assets, today is a good day to sit down and go over the details of this matter.

The stars benefit you so that the distribution is fair. Each will have their fair share, and everyone will walk away happy.

Today’s lucky number for your sign is 14. This number pushes an energy of harmony and relaxation. Your worries will be minimal and, fir this reason, you’ll be able to project new business ideas.


Everything you’ve experienced has required a lot of energy and vitality and, for this reason, you need to respect your need for rest. Have a light dinner, put on your pyjamas and lay down on the couch to watch a film and, if you can, stay at home tonight, you’ll feel like a new person in the morning.

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