Scorpio Horoscope Sunday 2020

You'll enjoy connecting with your childhood - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, October 25, 2020

Playing again and sharing moments of innocence with the little ones in your family can heal old wounds


During the last hour of this Sunday, Scorpios will enjoy an astral movement that will bless them with greater sensitivity and love. Kindness will be the language you’ll understand throughout this Sunday, and the people you encounter will be very receptive to your good vibes, due to which it might be easy for you to show your feelings and enjoy life effortlessly.

Scorpios who have children will be able to enjoy the games and fantasies which characterize childhood. Between dragons, dinosaurs, and princesses, you can have a wonderful afternoon where you’ll connect with your inner child and give your reality a good dose of tenderness.


The energy of the stars invites you to review your accounts, and perhaps to evaluate if you can request credit from a bank or ask for a payment plan for an expense that was too large for this month’s budget. If today’s your birthday, you might encounter a big gift you weren't expecting. This might turn your day into the kind that you’d rather forget about. Try not to waste your energy or the valuable hours of your afternoon on displays of wrath or anger.

If you’re looking for a new job, today you’ll find offers which are convenient for you, you have the profile many companies are looking for and, for this reason, you could confidently apply and expect a positive result.

If you have your own company, it’s not a good moment to make any decisions that change the course of your finances. It’s time to wait and think strategically.

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It’s a good energetic day, you’ll feel well-rested and with a very positive and happy disposition. A part of your personality delights making room for your inner child.

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