Scorpio Thursday on a night sky background

You'll need more freedom of movement - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, March 25, 2021

You'll move forward towards a good destiny, so long as you act in accordance with what your environment requires from you


The stars bring some problems for Scorpios this Thursday. Your family life won’t be exactly peaceful, on the contrary, the energy of the stars promises to cause trouble in your family rapports.

Elderly people might demand that the children of Pluto take on greater responsibility over matters they’re not interested in. The feeling of restriction will push them to spend more time outside of their house.

If you’re a single Scorpio, don’t miss the chance to prove your innate seductions skills to the person you like. You know how fun flirting with that special person can be.

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Everything you’ve learned until now brings a reward. You’ll realize you’re more skilled than you thought at work.

You’ll manage to navigate areas that aren’t the most comfortable ones for you. However, you’ll manage to do so with admirable dexterity and quality. Digital commerce might create great opportunities for those born in the second decan, who are receiving the stimulating support of Uranus. This is a good time to develop a commercial strategy.

Today’s lucky number for you is 22. A number which represents the destiny of those who embrace their good luck without fear. In the tarot it represents the arcana “The Fool”, which suggests you should carry on down the path indicated by your destiny, without getting side-tracked.  


Today is a perfect day to start looking after your spine. Saturn in Aquarius tenses your joints and generates a perception of rigidity for many Scorpios.

Scorpio, if you still haven’t signed up for a specific routine for your back, there’s still time to give yourself the care you need.

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