Scorpio Horoscope Saturday 2020

Pay attention to what your nose perceives - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, July 25, 2020

You'll know something isn't quite right in your professional life. Don't dismiss your intuition


Today you’ll feel vibrant and joyous, with a strange feeling of detachment which stimulates the good closure of separations or thwarted romances.  Scorpio, you feel empowered, with the ability to make long term decisions without fear of losing.

Those who are in a budding relationship will have to pay attention to the matter of freedom. Very possessive relationships can deteriorate over time, and you know this full well.

So you need to express yourself clearly and set boundaries for each other’s privacy, and establish what kind of relationship you wish to have during this new phase of your life.


When the planetary aspects have such an intense energy as the one which can be see today, one needs to organize oneself. Use all of your willpower to do what you had planned and avoid distractions by all means. Scorpio, you’re very susceptible to the influence of someone who burdens you with their professional problems, and you end up dragging tasks which aren’t really your responsibility.

You could vibrate with your intuition during a commercial transaction which isn’t certain. Listen to your superior intelligence, don’t move forward until you have more assurances.

This Saturday’s lucky number for your sign is 36. This number refers to the creative ability of human beings, you can rest assured you’re going through a very creative moment. You’ll move an energy level of healthy ideas which favour humanity as a whole.


You’ll have the astral favours which will give you an excellent mode and a great feeling of vitality. Don’t forget the need to nurture your good mood through physical activities, movement and good rapports with your surroundings.

For those who are awaiting medical diagnoses or test results, the stars foretell good news.