Scorpio Thursday on a night sky background

Trust in nature - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, February 25, 2021

During troubled times where you're dealing with problems, the best thing you can do is seek refuge in the simple things in life


Arguments at home will cause problems in your love life from the early hours of the day.  It’s a bar rapport between several planets which are creating tension for Scorpios.

Mars is still particularly affecting those born in the third decan, for this reason, we recommend you avoid arguments about past problems at all costs, otherwise, you’ll create a new fight which will drain all of your emotional energy, leaving you exhausted and plagued by a complex mood.

Scorpio, if you’re single you might fall into the temptation of an unforgettable steamy encounter. The sun in Pisces will make you see mirages. Don’t be fooled by illusions or errors of judgement.

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It’s time to wait for the results of all of your hard work, and you expect them to be plentiful. If you hasten to reap the rewards you might lose. Right now, you should control your anxiety, it will be what’s best for your finances.

There are variables that affect your finances that don’t depend on your attitude or your effort, so you shouldn’t beat yourself up over them.

Look after your workplace with the strength of a warrior and the keen eye of a lynx. You’ll need all of your intelligence and willpower to overcome a complicated matter.


Your health is very good, however, the anxiety and stress you’ll have to face this Thursday might make you feel exhausted. You need to recharge your batteries. Drink a mixed berries smoothie. It will boost your immune system and you’ll feel everything will regenerate.

A simple and cheap option will be to sit at a park for a while to enjoy the scent of trees and feel that their energy penetrates your body from the centre of the earth.  Trust in nature’s vital force.

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