Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Tantra is the way you'll give love - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, August 25, 2020

When you manage to show with your body what vibrates in your heart, it becomes easier to receive love from your partner


The astral aspects favour Scorpio’s love life and the ability to love.

This Tuesday the stars are configured in such a way that your sex life will be unbelievable, You could enjoy motivating sexual feelings, your partner’s good disposition will make it possible to experiment together.

Today adults will connect with children. You’ll relive the most beautiful moments of your childhood, Scorpio.


The stars indicate that thanks to Mercury’s positive influence in a good cosmic aspect, this will be a great day to request raises or negotiate a new position with your boss.

The stars are favourable for financial transactions and for signing contracts and other documents right now.  Writs and paperwork linked to the sale of properties will be expedited thanks to Venus’s wonderful influence in trigone with your sun.

Don’t miss the chance to take a step forward at work and to unmask those who are trying to steal the fruits of your labour. There might be someone at work who is trying to copy your ideas and who is trying to push you out of the race. Defending yourself will be easy if you avoid losing control of your emotions.

Today’s lucky number for the Scorpio is 23. This mythical number refers to fortuitous movements in your material life and is an energy magnet for you today.


Scorpio, the energy in your daily life is dense and somewhat cloudy, this is caused by envy and malice.  Many Scorpios might suffer headaches or discomfort which will be hard to diagnose. It’s important that you close your energy field through your mental power. Enclose your body and aura in a sphere of silver light which protects you from all negative influences.

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