Scorpio Horoscope Thursday 2020

Your dreams bring valuable messages - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, September 24, 2020

Spend some time on social activities, encounters, clubs and group outings


Scorpio, you’re one of the most signs that is most affected by the stars this Thursday the 24th of September.  You feel the energy of love in your soul, and the sensitivity of your personality is enhanced by the astral movements which will make you inclined to experiencing scenes of great emotional commitment.

If you’re one of those who are still single, you’ll want to bring some seriousness into a budding relationship, before your friends and family. It might be the time to introduce that person to your closest social circle. You mustn’t feel scared, acceptance depends partially on the good energy you emit right now.

If you’re looking for love, dedicate some time to social activities, encounters, clubs, group outings, museum visits or sports activities, these can be the way of approaching love. Give them greater priority on your schedule.


Mars retrograde continues in conjunction with the black moon can bring conflicts which you thought were past you into your professional life.  You’re being bothered by envious people who are plagiarizing your labour and who keep imitating you in a lazy and distasteful manner.

Don’t worry, sooner or later the truth will out, and your effort will be recognized, if not through financial retribution it will be through a prize or a promotion within the company. The greatest problem in all of this is your tendency to believe that you can beat anything and everything. You’ll end up burnt out if you don’t learn to measure your limitations. 

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Mercury in the area of Libra will help you easily discover what’s hidden in your subconscious.  Through symbolic messages, your soul sends you lots of information during your time of rest.

Interpreting the information that appears in your dreams will be very valuable and comforting, Scorpio.