Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Do you respect your intuition? - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, November 24, 2020

You'll achieve many of your professional goals and you'll have the rewards you deserve


During the morning, the stars will turn you into a sort of medium or clairvoyant, for this reason you should pay careful attention to your intuition, as it can bring you the answers to very personal questions. You might be a guide to a friend who needs your advice.

At night, the moon in Aries might bring passionate encounters, which, despite the intensity, will allow you to keep your emotional autonomy and independence. You’ve already learned of the dangers of symbiotic or very possessive relationships and, for this reason, you’ll protect yourself from falling into this trap again.

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Scorpio, the good disposition of the stars with regards to your material life will attract new profits for those born in your sign.  You have the protection of the sun in a good aspect to the moon, which will help you achieve your professional goals, and generate profits which are proportional to your efforts.

Many will live an atmosphere of tension this Tuesday, where arguments can unveil the truth behind the deceitful mask of people you were hoping to count on in order to make progress. You thought you had an alliance which might crumble down sooner than expected. Fear not, be strong and you’ll come out of this situation better than you were before.

You’ll learn many truths from your enemies’ behaviours.

This Tuesday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 45.  This number indicates the need to stay patient and open to change. Focusing your mind on your goals will bring you closer to them. Don’t let your inner strength dissipate.

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Your wellbeing will be optimal, if you keep your emotional balance, otherwise you’ll be very prone to bowel inflammation, headaches and digestive problems. Learning to restrain yourself and watching what you eat will be essential.

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