Scorpio Wednesday on a night sky background

Enjoy the favourable energy - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, March 24, 2021

It's a good day for job interviews and consultations with professionals, thanks to Mercury's influence


Today the stars bring soft energies, but not lacking in vigour and vitality.  On the contrary, the energy counterpoint established between Mercury in Pisces and Venus in Aries will help you in all matters of the heart. On the one hand, you have the softness and empathy characteristic of a water sign in your favour, which will help you choose the right words during a tricky conversation with someone who plucks on your heartstrings. On the other hand, Venus in a fire sign expands your sexual strength, making it manifest with joy and cheer.

In order to enjoy these moments brought by the planets, you’ll have to leave behind any negative concepts of the other person and let go of all grudges which damage your mind and delay the arrival of love and happiness into your life. This is a very special day for you, Scorpio.

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Scorpios who work in a company’s commercial department will find that the astral energy promotes their growth and attracts new clients through whom they’ll achieve a new position among their colleagues.

The stars will help you manifest a healthy and pleasant level of competition that stimulates others, rather than causing envy and discomfort.  You’ll be a very humble colleague; you’ll cooperate and have a very good disposition to share your knowledge and skills even with those who aren’t nice to you.

You’re attracting good karma, which will come to your aid during conflicts or drama. You’ll be an ace of mediation, negotiating improvements which will favour many people at work.


Today you feel very well physically and psychologically. You feel optimistic and hopeful, and your body will respond to this energy with absolute wellbeing.

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