Scorpio Horoscope Friday 2020

You'll change many things in your love life - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, July 24, 2020

To be efficient you shouldn't ignore the details. Being well-organized will be essential this Friday


The moon is in a good cosmic aspect with the energy of your sign, Scorpio.  It’s time to make all the changes you need in order to fulfil your dreams in a calm and placid way. Joy will be your best calling card this Friday, it will help you find the keys to love. No one wants to be with a lacklustre person, you know this full well.

Scorpio, you’ll take steps towards a change that’s about to take place in your emotional life. The planets are aligned so that what you're anxiously awaiting will soon come.


Perhaps you need some structure in your life, Scorpio, writing on your weekly to-do list, to plan the executions of your tasks on a daily basis will be very useful.

The problem might be that you take on responsibilities without first evaluating if you have the necessary skill or time.

For this reason you’d better organize yourself. Some order wouldn’t go amiss, Scorpio. You might not be able to tackle everything the way you’d like to, but at least you’ll be able to evaluate your priorities and, thus, unfold all your potential.

Scorpio’s lucky number is 125, which advices you to stay positive in order to face change with good fortune and joy.


Self-care is something that you tend to neglect when your hectic daily life, social commitments and professional activities take up most of your day. For this reason you must make a commitment to yourself, to be more rigorous and make self-care a sacred thing. Attending your swimming, gym or aikido lessons must be compulsory if you want to get long term results in your body and in your overall health.