The sign of Scorpio with a purple starred background

You'll grow in the intimacy of your bedroom - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, January 24, 2021

Visualizing a more prosperous future can be the best creative tool at your disposal


Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by situations which affect your partner’s mood, if you do you’ll just be dragged down by their discomfort, which will lead to annoyance and could cause a rift between you. On the contrary, you should be the main drive for wellbeing between you by being patient and having good vibes, projecting the wellbeing you could enjoy if you leave aside the problems of your daily life.

Trying to strengthen the intimacy between you is essential right now.  The moon joins the North Node in your area of sexuality and shared intimacy, causing a change in the energy vibration and giving many Scorpios a chance to grow in this area.

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Rest days are a great opportunity to reflect and plan;  to this end, writing a list of the professional and material goals that you want for this cycle is essential.

You can do some creative visualization. This is a great tool to help materialize your hopes and dreams. It will be a way to make your dreams come true by channelling your mental power and energy into your goals.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 79. This number makes you link your humanitarian and sensitive sides, it will help you go through a moment of introspection where you’ll learn to hone the way you address others and learn to cooperate with them.


Today the stars indicate great levels of energy.  You won’t have any major problems so long as you control your mood and don’t let Mars’s influence lead to outbursts of anger which, although you’ll feel are justified, won’t bring anything good to the table health-wise, nor will they improve your domestic life.

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