The Scorpio sign surrounded by stars

You'll feel the embers of passion rekindle - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, January 23, 2021

Learn to choose between what's unnecessary and what's essential, this is extremely important if you want to save money


It’s a very stimulating moment for most Scorpios, when it comes to their sex life. Enjoying love isn’t just cuddling and feeling your soul swelling, it’s also a war for Scorpios, who delight in making their partner scream in pleasure in the bedroom.

Your sex life will take on a very relevant role this Saturday; sex toys, details, lingerie, lighting and perfumes could also play an important role during your encounter or reconciliation. Lighting a musk incense and sharing a dinner with aphrodisiac foods could bring some spice to your love life.

If you’re single, don’t suffer, the stars have a lovely surprise from your past in store.

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From a professional point of view, this will be a rather quiet day where you won’t experience too many worries. Many Scorpios will have to make some time to study or to develop an academic matter, perhaps a new training course or the search for their true vocation will require some time surfing the web today.

A seemingly easy job can become difficult if you don’t pay enough attention to detail, your head might be absorbed in other things which could lead to you making a mistake.

Being careful with your expenses isn’t only about not buying tempting offers when you go to the shop, you will also have to optimize your purchases of food and personal hygiene items.


Scorpio’s health will be great this Saturday. You’ll want to have a makeover and you’ll probably need to lose some of those extra pounds which have built up around your waistline. A workout plan can change your life in a short time.

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