Scorpio Tuesday on a night sky background

Your family life yields emotional results - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The joy of feeling supported by your family will have no bound and no comparison. You discover a new feeling in your soul


This Tuesday the attitude you have regarding your romantic relationships will be essential, Scorpio. A trace of tenderness will be very beneficial for your destiny. You’ll carve a new path to follow which will bring new expectations in your love life.

You’ll have a more tender, cosy and simple way of showing your affection. Perhaps this isn’t the style you’re used to, but you’ll feel your calm and emotional stability will be important, Scorpio.

Don’t be afraid to start anew if you’re a single Scorpio.  A new relationship which might be important comes into your life. But don’t rush, you’ll have to be calm if you want to move forward.

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It’s a moment of scarce income, although there will be good opportunities.  Your social life will connect with your business life or with information which will help you more practically develop your profession.

Real-estate investments are advisable for Scorpio right now, if you have a property in mind seek advice, as you might be missing out on a great business opportunity.

You don’t always make money through hard work; you can also do it by investing it intelligently. Knowing the market tendencies and keeping an eye out for the right moment to act will help you sort out a financial dilemma. Likewise, if you want to sell your home, the stars bring a lot of movement in this sense.


You’ll be in full use of your vital energy. You feel in good shape. Your physical and mental integrity will help balance your emotions.  There’s no room for disagreements and this favours you.

If you have a doctor’s appointment planned for today, it’s guaranteed to go great. You’ll recover very well if you’re suffering from an ailment, and the results of your tests will be within normal ranges.

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