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You'll need to keep calm - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Try to take it one step at a time at work, in order to avoid getting tangled up and leaving loose ends


This Wednesday the moon is going through the sign of Aries and this position strengthens your tendency towards sensuality.  You’ll feel a great need to express the feelings boiling up inside you through your body. Many Scorpios are being put under pressure by destiny. You feel subjected to the urgency of deciding between one path or the other, although you know it’s best to wait.

Scorpio, you’ll have to allow your body and heart to be in sync and feel without mental prejudice. Perhaps you've locked yourself up in your own world and you haven’t paid attention to the needs that person had at the time.

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This Wednesday the sky indicates an exceedingly large amount of work.  You’ll have an overwhelming day, with a lot to do and very little time available to organize the schedule in such a way that you might make mistakes due to a lapse in judgement. Don’t worry, as this will be a problem that will soon pass.

If you’re about to sell a property or vehicle, the sales operation will be successful. You’ll be very pleased; your profit will be within the expected margins.

Today’s lucky number is 28. This number advices Scorpios to rely on adaptable people who can help them leave behind certain rigidity which prevents them from seeing opportunities in your professional horizon. This way you’ll open up to the abundance and joy of going down the path of success.


This Wednesday the stars warn Scorpios to avoid overexerting themselves, because it could lead to health problems. You should be careful and respect your body’s limitations. Keeping a level head will be more important than ever.

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