Scorpio Horoscope Sunday 2020

You'll ignite an unstoppable fire - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, August 23, 2020

The passion that ignites in your love life this Sunday will be hard to put out in the future


Today the moon will enter your waters, Scorpio, and to give a more romantic touch to your love life, it will get closer to Venus in a good cosmic aspect as the hours go by.

New things are coming in your love life. You might be the protagonist of an epic romance, of the kind that is hard to forget. If you’re a single Scorpio, you will see a beautiful bond bloom, even if you don’t know for sure what it is, it will warm your heart.

If you’re in a complicated relationship where you can’t seem to find a way to understand each other, a conversation today is likely to eliminate all the limitations that had been troubling you for a while.


You’ll be a bit impatient and anxious to discover the outcome of an offer you’ve placed, but you’ll only receive an answer next week. Waiting can be torturous, Scorpio, so it’s better to get to work on what you can do for your evolution today.

While you await the replies, you can sharpen your tools to find an ideal prey. Clean your desk, free up space in your computer and prepare your place of work for a perfect week.

Don’t show your anxiety by sending multiple emails, you’ll be showing your weakness and need for approval, and this might go against you.

Strengthen your luck with an amulet. You might use a magical gem to revitalize the flow of abundance in your life: pyrite or rutilated quartz are wonderful gems to carry around with you. You’ll irradiate great magnetism thanks to their magical vibration. You’ll attract money into your life.


There’s a lot of water sign energy available in the cosmos, which benefits your emotional world: poetry, romantic films and listening to good music are free forms of therapy which are great for your heart.

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