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Your Daily Horoscope for Scorpio for Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

Don't stoop to such profoundly immature acts, Scorpio


Scorpio, you should take out your regrets and frustrations on those around you. It's possible that this is beginning to wear down your relationship and you should start to change your attitude.

More than once, situations of shouting and stress have come up between you and your partner. It's not your style.

If you're single, maybe you should start to stop feeling sorry for yourself, because self-pity won't get the attention you want. You've suffered a lot, yes, but that's no excuse for crying in every conversation.

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The Daily Horoscope invites you to keep an eye on your email and mobile, Scorpio. Fate will send you an unexpected order for the end of the month. It knows you need money for the expenses that are coming your way.

This project will come in handy to increase your monthly budget and be able to face your financial future with more guarantees. Congratulations!


Your Horoscope wants you to rethink whether it's worth being a little nicer. Even more so with those who orbit around your work environment, Scorpio.

You should apply yourself especially if you work in front of the public. You'll be presented with insufferable clients who'll make it very difficult for you.

Smile more and be as friendly and flexible as possible. You will come out of your work more relaxed.


Scorpio, your Horoscope warns you that  you're going to have to face delicate matters. Above all, thorny issues which you won't be happy to talk about. Show your friend that you're above such childish acts.


Scorpio, loneliness, when it's not what you want, can become torture. Your Horoscope warns you that your state of mind will be particularly sensitive. You'll miss feeling accompanied, that your friends and family will be there for you in the most important moments.

If that company doesn't come, you'll have no choice but to take refuge in activities and hobbies that fill your heart.