Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

You'll be hypnotic and persuasive - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Don't be distracted by so many fights... look after your love as if it were a treasure


This Tuesday brings a lot of activity into the love life of the children of Pluto. If you’re single, it’s a period where you’ll keep active with loads of suitors who will want to be by your side. You’ll become confused and you’ll feel like every person has something good to offer. You’d rather not miss any opportunities although you know it’s impossible, but your fantasies can lead to you making mistakes.

If you're in a relationship it will be a good time to enjoy the relationship you have, on which you've invested so much energy. You must keep looking after your love as if it were the first day, Scorpio.


The moon in Sagittarius will inspire Scorpio to develop new skills to reach success.

It’s a perfect day to plan studies, courses or trainings which enrich your resume.

If you're developing a business project you should trust in the support of people you will hypnotize with your eloquence and silver tongue.

You might have to accept that the time has come to retire, it might be closing a business or commerce which is no longer profitable, don’t be demoralized though, you know better than any other sign that after an end comes a new beginning which can be brilliant if you open up to transformation.

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Scorpio, on a day like today you’ll benefit from taking things at your own pace so you can still have energy during the night. If you can rest for a couple of hours in the afternoon, do it. If you can’t rest, use the healing power of trees. Hug the trunk of a tree you feel connected to and feel its good vibes. Take a walk through nature to recharge your batteries.

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