Scorpio Horoscope Thursday 2020

Do you have allergies? Be careful... - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, October 22, 2020

Learning to express your feelings better isn't easy, but you're heading in the right direction


You’re starting a new phase in your love life, Scorpio. It might be a new phase where you become aware of the harm your words have caused during heated arguments with your partner which escalated more than they should have.  Today is the day to change how you express your feelings.

Communication problems end when you understand the reasons why you’re reacting the way you're reacting. Use your willpower and the strength of your love.

Those who are currently single have a chance to acknowledge their romantic needs, what they want from a relationship and from love in general. It’s a good day to think and dream.


In your professional life there is a feeling of loss, perhaps motivated by the loss of your job or the job of a loved one. You shouldn’t let sorrow overwhelm your soul, on the contrary, giving support to those who need you should be a strong enough motivator to give you strength.

Scorpios who are looking for a job, today’s not a good day for it. But it is the perfect day to request interviews. Preparing your personal resume, improving your profile on social media, updating your information, these are excellent ways of getting closer to your desires.

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Don’t worry if you have weird discomfort you've never experienced before.  It will only make you feel worse. The stars indicate a relationship between Neptune and Mercury in your sign which can cause allergies or psychosomatic reactions. Itching, breathlessness, hives and even bloating can be ways in which your body is warning you of an intolerance to certain substances which don’t agree with you.

Fear is your worst enemy, and if you let that feeling overcome you, you might become a hypochondriac.