Scorpio Monday on a night sky background

A mentor will appear - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, March 22, 2021

Things will go very well in your profession, thanks to the influence of Venus in Aries


This Monday is great for Scorpios as a whole, and with regards to their matters of the heart, the energy couldn’t be better. The moon is in the tender and protective sign of Cancer and, from there, it will promote very pleasant moments in your family.

You’ll feel that it’s easy to feel satisfied with your emotional reality. Your mind and heart are balanced thanks to the harmony in the atmosphere.

Those who are currently single could meet a very special person at work. Don’t be surprised if love arises in the places where you spend the most amount of time. The stars also favour falling in love with a person who provides a service, for example, you might notice that you’re more attracted than you should be towards your masseuse or an employee at the supermarket.

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The day continues placidly, your colleagues and the people you encounter throughout the day will be very kind and you’ll feel very grateful for the treatment you receive.

You’ll discover you have the support of a woman in your environment, who might help you discover many dormant skills.  You have more gifts than you know. It’s time to start making room for your creativity to unfold, especially if you have a job where art and aesthetics are important.


Have you thought about having a makeover, Scorpio? This is the perfect moment to show a different side of you to the world. If you’re thinking about a new haircut, a fantasy colour or a small touch up in your lips or cheeks, go for it. Make an appointment with your beautician today. Meanwhile, you can play with a hair colour simulator and discover the numerous options available.

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