Scorpio Monday on a night sky background

Your professional efficiency stands out - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, February 22, 2021

The home is the centre of action of all energetic movements during this beginning of the week


From all the signs you’re the one that will be most affected by the current excess of planetary energy the Aquarius area of the zodiac. This might cause some tension at home or in your personal life.

You shouldn’t let the current emotional intensity take away the strength you need in order to face conflict with dignity and respect. Change is about to happen in your life, and you’ll have to be open to receiving it without fear of losing, but with the confidence of knowing you’ll receive something new once you’ve processed that which is ending right now.

Those who are about to move in with their partner might be afraid of losing their freedom when they create that new home. Don’t be afraid, Scorpio, the moon in a good aspect with the sun will help you and will provide you with emotional resources to lay down wonderful foundations for true love.

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It’s not a great day when it comes to your professional life, on the contrary, the day will go without too many changes or news.

Thanks to the permanence of Mars in opposition to your sun, your actions will be more efficient than at other times, especially if you were born in the third decan. Put aside part of your afternoon to answer correspondence, Mercury in an aspect with your sun warns you of potential oversights. Go over your payments and duties for this upcoming week.


Today you’ll have to balance your feelings and thoughts. Although you won’t pay enough attention to the needs of your soul, these are the foundation of your physical wellbeing. Your digestion might be affected by nervousness or anxiety. Your body can’t be healthy if your mind and heart are in disarray, Scorpio.

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