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Life in a relationship will be put to the test - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, December 22, 2020

It's time to open your heart and start letting your wounds breath so they can be healed


The Capricorn solstice is passed. A very special day for the Zodiac as a new cycle starts for everyone and, when it comes to Scorpios, this energy illuminates the way you express yourself.

If you’ve been secretly in love for a while, today is the day to pursue your romantic dream without hesitation, express everything you feel and not leave anything unsaid. It might be better to write a letter to explain everything. Take the courage and momentum of the lunar energy in order to strengthen your position before that special person.

A short trip might spare you many romantic mishaps.  Scorpios who have been experiencing difficulties at home over the last few days should use this resource to change scenery. Finding yourself in another place can be very positive for both of you.

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The project you’re pouring all of your energy into is more viable than you think.  You must put your ideas before the needs of others. Today you should avoid distractions that could lead to you missing out on an important opportunity.

The moon in Aries helps you strongly start actions to help you achieve your goals. You are very willing, thanks to the astral transits observed in the sky.


The moon in transit through Aries joins Mars, both in a terrible astral aspect with Saturn, and promotes muscular pains and concussions for Scorpio.

If you're one of those who suffer back problems, or pain in their joints, today is the perfect day to connect with new healing techniques. Don't expect results too soon. Being constant is essential.

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