Scorpio Horoscope Saturday 2020

You'll long for spiritual peace - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, August 22, 2020

When you look at your past and make a responsible analysis of it, things tend to straighten themselves out


Scorpios are looking for emotional stability.  They oscillate between the drama of feeling that love is unsustainable and the joy of feeling whole together with that person. Many natives will feel the pain of knowing that this drifting apart is irreversible.

Love should be a safe haven for the heart but, often, you feel it’s a tortuous path towards redemption.  

Scorpio, it’s time to take responsibility for your past actions. You won’t be able to evolve so long as you stay in denial of your subconscious actions.


Today you’ll rejoice in having taken one step closer to your life’s dream. One step forward was the push you needed to keep going. It’s the first of a series of steps which will give way to wonderful synchronicity.

It’s time to trust in your abilities and to have faith in the future. Don’t feel down, even if there are people with low energies around you. Learn to keep getting back on your feet, even if others try to put you down. Observe all the resources you have to shape up your work or business plan.

Scorpio, magnetize your sign’s energy using silver or black items of clothing. You can wear a necklace with tourmaline or carry around a bit of it to enjoy the energy protection this magical mineral gives you.

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Today Scorpios might suffer discomfort and inflammation in their urinary tract caused by water retention. It’s often lack of hydration which strains the kidneys in their task of filtering the toxins in our bodies. It might sound crazy but these organs do a wonderful job when it comes to keeping you in good health.