Scorpio Horoscope Monday 2020

You'll float in a love bubble - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, September 21, 2020

Your empathy and love will cover everyone around you like a protective blanket


This Monday you start a week where you’ll feel like you belong to an intergalactic species who live only for love. Everything you do will be motivated by an incredible feeling that helps you feel connected to everything around you.

Your love will know no bounds, Scorpio. Many will feel it’s time to give more love to everyone around them, from those they share a home with to the last person inhabiting the farthest corner of the planet.

You’ll enjoy that unique feeling of energy bond with someone you feel like you've loved since before you were born. The strength of a karmic union will be the propeller of many of these feelings.


Don’t be afraid to sign up as a partner to that new undertaking by one of your friends or relatives. It will boost your finances. You must work hard and show your persuasion skills, good offers await you.

Don’t miss a beat. So many unearthly feelings might lead to you trusting someone who is actually an enemy. Neptune in harmonious relation to the moon in your sign doesn't favour practical or financial matters.

If you work in creative matters, it’s a perfect day to present a new project, whether it’s linked to fashion, music or film. You’ll shine brighter than ever before.

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The moon in Scorpio in a harmonious aspect with Jupiter helps many feel whole, but it might also generate an energy trend which makes them prone to laziness and to neglect their most basic healthcare needs.

If you don’t lose yourself in unnecessary merriment, your life will be whole. You’ll have the strength and optimism you need to get to the end of the day with all your strength.

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