Your Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Saturday, May 21, 2022

Scorpio, finding the best way through doubt isn't easy


Scorpio, today's Horoscope predicts a moment of shock when you discover a secret that will leave you feeling bitter.

Today you should armour up. Your suspicions that your trust is being betrayed are true.

You might feel used, but you have to learn to see things rationally. Now that you've found out, it will all change.


The Daily Horoscope sees a close acquaintance who is willing to give you a hand to find a job with a decent salary.

You've always been suspicious of positions reached via internal contacts. But it's a good way of accessing jobs whose offers aren't even published on social networks.

Scorpio, leave those prejudices behind and accept a salary that will be great for you right now. You might unknowingly discover a vocation here.


Scorpio, you're in a time of uncertainty at work, where you're adapting to a new context.

You're in the probationary period and the job isn't hell. However, you're hearing siren songs from elsewhere and you're thinking about lots of things.

You're weighing up what you value most: family conciliation, salary, length of contract, teleworking...

Scorpio, today  you'll have to decide what matters most for you and your family.


Today  a relaxing bath could be a great solution to get rid of the mental overload, Scorpio. It's been punishing you for days.

Your Scorpio Horoscope imagines you in a bathtub filled to the brim with hot water, some soap bubbles around you and some incense and candles.

Take advantage of this atmosphere to start Saturday in a relaxed mood.

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