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You'll be full of vigour and energy - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, January 21, 2021

From overcoming misunderstandings and difficulties, you'll establish new agreements in your relationship


Mars will be going through your area of relationships and, from there, will push you to take action on matters pertaining to Scorpio’s relationships.

When Mars influences the opposite area of your zodiac, you’re in for a few days where you will probably find many reasons to argue. If you manage to avoid conflict, you’ll want to make plans or do new things and gain momentum on matters such as moving forward in your relationship (for example moving together or travelling). Being able to choose the direction of this energy will be a matter of attitude.

Mars creates vitality wherever it goes and, for this reason, not only can arguments happen, but your sexuality, desire and the strength of your love will be increased.

Those who are single will be able to enjoy a long-distance relationship, a perfect option to use Uranus’s energy in your favour.

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Scorpio, societies don’t always create problems and headaches, they can also cause wellbeing and support in your projects.

Today is a great day to visualize the kind of professional life you’ll want to have from now onwards. This is the first month of the year and, although you might be distracted from your financial duties and matters, it’s a time of plenty of activity at work.

Today’s lucky number is 23. This number tells Scorpios to stay dynamic and flexible before the possibility of experiencing great changes in your life right now.


Your health is good overall, however, you might experience extreme anxiety right now and tension won’t let you allow you to enjoy all of your energy fully. Chamomile and linden infusions are great if you’re stressed out or suffering from insomnia.

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