Scorpio Horoscope Monday 2020

Do you feel the joy of the new moon? - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, July 20, 2020

Today is the day to sow the seeds of a beautiful life in touch with your feelings


Harmony and commitment will be the basis of the important relationships in your love life. Many things you had doubts about will be clarified. If your partner is a water sign, understanding will be far greater.

If you’re in a budding relationship, you’ll notice that understanding consolidates, and you feel greater security in what the other person’s acts reflect. The new moon in Cancer will renew your love life, especially for those born in the third Decan.

Those who are single can make the most of the day to discover their romantic motivations. You’re not always able to understand what you’re feeling, and this can cause romantic misunderstandings.


Pluto retrograde awakens doubts regarding your job security.

There are many changes and you’ll even fear for your position, especially if you work in communications. You’ll have to face the challenge of owning your mistakes and make amends.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 59. This number indicates that you're on the path that leads to your life’s purpose. The development of spirituality will strengthen your financial life and your focus on activities linked to your karmic mission.


There are great planetary contacts for Scorpio today in terms of your health and energy balance. The good disposition of your sign’s regent sign, Mars, promotes an excellent immune system, your vitality increases, and it rekindles your enthusiasm for life.

However, you’re exposed to the possibility of misusing your energy and wasting your strength.

You must learn to manage your vitality. Don’t forget to exercise and drink smoothies in the morning.