The sign of Scorpio in half a purple circle

Protect your energy field - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Energy vibes are intense and you might be the victim of energy attacks and malicious thoughts


Female Scorpios might feel their partner is behaving differently from usual. Today the opposition of the eccentric Uranus in your area of the zodiac will leave you open to various surprises and problems in your love life. There are many ways to tackle a romantic bond. Your lifestyle is changing and, with it, your romantic bonds.

The moon has entered the sensual and seductive Taurus, Scorpios who are single right now can be happy anyway, as they’ll possess a special appeal. You’ll have all eyes on you at a meeting. Be careful with the evil eye, as you’re very sensitive to vibes and energy.

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It will be a tedious day where your low energy will stop you from being productive and willing to move forward.   

The astral atmosphere is dense and your colleagues appear aggressive and uncooperative between them, which affects you; you might receive bad news from your bosses or managers.

Seek the protection of gemstones. Try to use quartz, tourmaline or amethyst. Each one of those semi-precious gemstones has a role, let your intuition choose the best one for you in this moment of your life, Scorpio.

If you’re self-employed, you’ll have to protect your work space with a Feng Shui fountain or another element which promotes good vibes.


The feeling of heaviness that will follow you all week can be solved, Scorpio. A lot of hostility and envy might come into your energy field if you don’t protect yourself properly.

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