Scorpio Saturday on a sky background

Others will admire your cleverness - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, February 20, 2021

You'll be appreciated for your sagacity and courage: you'll behave like the best of detectives


You’ll probably experience temporary setbacks and conflicts at home which will be painful, many of them caused by hurtful words expressed carelessly or without thinking.

An older relative might be in need of your help. Pay attention and check whether anyone in your close circle is suffering in silence, and whether you could save them from an urgent problem.  Many past wounds will have to be put to one side if you want o help them out.

Scorpio, your ability to uncover what lies hidden is well known. You’ll feel great joy when you help that person out of a problem.

The little ones in the family will be excellent companions in the afternoon. You’ll enjoy chatting and spending time with them. You’ll learn to enjoy wonderful moments of innocence which brighten your life.

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It’s difficult to achieve success if you spend so many hours working a job you hate. Your future depends on living every moment with love and joy.

Very soon you’ll connect with a person at work who loves what they do on a daily basis and they’ll encourage you to start a new project. You might follow the example of undertakings which resonate with your nature.

Stop suffering, Scorpio. You might be a genius at what you do, don’t undervalue your work. Check your attitude, evaluate it correctly, protect what you have and don’t be discouraged.


Scorpio, today you’ll have a day where you’ll feel whole and comfortable with your sexual desire. You’ll want to experience new things which sate your curiosity. You’re happy with the independence you have thanks to your new outlook on life, and you know you can offer a lot of satisfaction and pleasure.  Make the most of this steamy day and be careful with STDs.

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