The sign of Scorpio with a purple starred background

You'll start expressing yourself better - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, December 20, 2020

The stars push you to show your feelings more openly and honestly


The moon joins Neptune, both of them in Pisces, bringing unbridled illusions and romantic feelings.

If you’ve idealized someone in particular, thinking that they were more spiritual than they are, today you might be disappointed when you realize their weaknesses and defects of all sizes. If you’ve overlooked details in their behaviour, this Sunday you’ll see their personality clearly. Don’t judge their attitude harshly without knowing what has led that person to act like this. 

Underneath your distant expression there lies a volcano capable of feeling more than those around you could ever imagine.

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This Sunday, Scorpios will have a magical halo when it comes to money, and they’ll receive a cosmic gift. It might be a discovery that will give them an advantage against a business competitor, or it might be a good purchase for the upcoming holidays.

Many have already spent too much and need to evaluate their budget openly and honestly.

This Sunday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 57. This number suggests that enthusiastically dedicating to creative activities in which your good aim and sense of humour intervene will be a positive outlet for your material concerns.


This Sunday Scorpios will have to stay alert to dangerous situations such as practising extreme sports or doing home improvements where you might be liable to fall or hit yourself.  If you’re going to undertake one of those activities, take all the necessary precautions to avoid injuries.

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