Scorpio Horoscope Thursday 2020

If you focus on reality you won't be disappointed so easily - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, August 20, 2020

In love there are situation in which you must accept things as they are to avoid suffering or hurting the other party


Things aren’t always the way you dreamed them, Scorpio, nor just as you’ve imagined them.  Not every day is like today, where the image you have of someone or something crumbles to the ground.

You’ll connect with a truth in your heart you weren’t aware of and this might make you sad or anger you because of the profound disillusionment it brings.

When it comes to love, getting back together with an ex might fail if you get carried away by whims or distorted perceptions of reality.

Your loved ones can’t always meet your high expectations. What you feel is partly caused by emotional blocks from your childhood.

Perhaps your childhood memories are now impacting your life in the form of fears and phobias, Scorpio, not allowing you to enjoy pleasant moments with your partner.


You’ll have money-related argument with a relative. Your finances aren’t an easy matter. You might have been saving up and yet, things still don't add up. You’ll be disappointed by the lack of financial mobility.

Scorpios tend to solve enigmas easily, for this reason, you’ll enjoy unveiling a mystery at work.

If you’re going to request a loan you’ll have o choice but to deal with interests or clauses which make you feel more nervous than safe. Think about it before you sign.

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It’s a perfect day to get a lovely relaxing massage to get rid of that painful back stiffness. Make an appointment with your masseur today.

You connect with the outer world through your skin, and massages bring all the bottled-up tension and feelings up to the surface.