Scorpio Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Constant happiness - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Everything you vibrate in your emotional life is the result of your good past feelings, enjoy it


Infatuations will be intense and irresistible thanks to the astral transits which illuminate you today.

Scorpio, you’re one of the signs that will benefit the most from this full moon in terms of love and, fortunately, you're one of the signs who know what they want, therefore you won’t stray from your goals, you’ll have no time for the drama those who envy your beauty and sensuality are trying to cause.

For this reason, this full moon in Pisces comes to show you how much you can love and smile.


Today’s full moon helps you connect with your dreams and hopes of achievement.  It might be a good day to remember that abundance is the certainty of being whole and showered with blessings. Your abundance isn’t measured based on large sums of money in your bank account, or by having properties in your name, but by having that you’re on the right path, doing what you know is good for you and those around you.

The rewards for your efforts are very close, you’ll receive a reward for your good disposition: some money might brighten your day.

There’s good news for the Scorpios who are looking for a new job or source of income. The opportunity to start an artisanal production or independent project might arise, today is your lucky day.


Today's lunar flows will connect you with the beauty and feeling of plenitude that comes from feeling happy and whole.

Going out for a walk and breathing the fresh air at a park or the beach, watering the plants in your balcony, watching the sunrise, these are some of the activities that will help you feel alive and become aware of how beautiful the place you are in is. You’ll give meaning to your daily life and you’ll recharge your batteries by producing endorphins.

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