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They key to happiness is in your hands - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, March 2, 2021

If you're single, it's time to go out and mingle: you'll find love very soon


During the last hours of this Tuesday, the moon will enter your sign especially favouring those born in the first decan.

Today sex will be experienced with greater intimacy, and you’ll feel you’re really connected with your beloved. Your feelings are very delicate, and this is a great moment to try for a baby, if that’s what your partner and you long for.

If you’re single, no one will be able to find you if you persist on staying locked up at home. If you don’t attend meetings or outings with friends, you’ll find it very hard to find love. If you prefer, you could use a dating app, it could be fun, even if you’ve never tried one before, don’t be afraid, Scorpio.

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This is a good time to request a loan or payment plan. If you’re thinking about buying new furniture or even moving to a new house, you’re likely to have some extra money, and this will be great help. 

Today your creative inspiration is wonderful due to which, those who have creative professions and aesthetic criteria will be very well influenced.

If you’re the owner of a business linked to fashion or beauty, this Tuesday you’ll have an excellent opportunity to plump up your bank account. Buying supplies or things for work will be good thanks to seasonal offers or sales, which you’ll be able to use to make your salary go a much longer way.


Much of your physical discomfort might be caused by a state of apathy. If you stay still without doing anything, you’ll feel illness takes over you. When you do stimulate activities you regain your energy and optimism becomes a part of your mood now.

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