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You're proud of your clever choices - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, January 2, 2021

Today you'll be able to admire the how you've made the right choices in certain areas of your professional life


Scorpio, all of a sudden, a romantic situation will disappoint you and leave you broken-hearted. Not so much due to the gravity of the matter, but because you’ll feel they’ve betrayed you, and this is very hard to bear for you.  You have very little tolerance for people who repeat behaviours you've already had to suffer in the past.

You need to analyse your thoughts and what you bring to this matter. Ask yourself what you’ve stopped doing that added to the conflict.

If you’re starting a relationship, you're likely to keep moving forward and backward.  You shouldn’t be afraid to express yourself. What is meant to be for you won't leave your hands, and that which was never yours will leave your life.

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You need certainty in the improvement of your material life. You’ll fight to achieve simple goals which are within your reach. However, if you pay attention and observe the new things coming into your life, you’ll be able to appreciate numerous changes you've experienced.

You’ll find that you’ve made many right decisions when it comes to your investments and financial matters.

Make some space this afternoon to meditate on the path that you want to follow, observe if you’re happy with your achievements and thus, programme the new year, as well as hone the way you pursue your goals.


If you’re currently going through emotional problems, you’ll feel that dealing with the people close to you drains your vitality. You might feel extreme fatigue caused by stress. You need to rest, think positively, change your outlook in life.

Scorpio, try to vent through gentle and soft activities, such as walking or just stretching at home.  Yoga and meditation can also be useful.

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