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Your Scorpio Horoscope for December 2nd

Your Scorpio prediction for Friday, December 2nd, 2022

Scorpio, the stars sweep across the celestial vault to unravel your destiny. What awaits Scorpios at the beginning of the weekend?


Scorpio, watch out for any absent-mindedness you might have on the love front.

You're getting to know an individual who has a lot of potential to become serious in the future.

Unfortunately, you'll make a rather rude mistake that will lead to a bad first impression of you.

If you've already found a partner who will be with you for the rest of your life, be careful with your tone of voice.

A little shouting could mean the beginning of a period of instability.

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A relative will appear to give you some very practical and useful advice.

The Scorpio Horoscope advises you to follow them, because they'll make your finances pick up almost immediately.

You focus a lot on saving, but you have neglected to organize a detailed budget. This hinders you a lot.

If you're immersed in good financial momentum, perhaps it's time to bring forward the repayment of that loan.


You should show more self-confidence and self-assurance at work. This is the only way to gain the respect of your colleagues and superiors.

Hesitation when it comes to any task is not expected from an employee with your excellent CV.


Failing to keep an eye on the time when chatting with friends will have fatal consequences. Try to arrive at your appointments on time so as not to keep anyone waiting.


Scorpio, your prediction indicates that stress will govern this Friday. You won't be able to adapt to that new job you've been waiting for so long.

You'll return home with the feeling that this week, there hasn't been a day that you haven't made a mistake. Persevere, show determination, and rest.