Scorpio Horoscope Sunday 2020

A temporary absence makes you sad - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, August 2, 2020

Nothing is forever, don't despair if a change approaches in your love life


The moon is going through your area of the zodiac corresponding to communication, for this reason, you have a Sunday ahead of you where you’ll be asked to be more precise with what you say.  It’s not a matter of saying anything and expecting others to understand your feelings, you won’t achieve this by hurting them or uttering offensive words. If you need to express yourself, you’ll need to develop a smart dialogue.

You feel your partner’s path is straying from yours. You’re going through a period of distancing which shouldn’t make you sad, it’s only temporary, but you should still keep an eye on things.

You’ll want to share the day with friends or relatives. Cousins or siblings will brighten up your home.


The conditions you work in might make you feel you’re not good enough, or that you’re not appreciated the way you’d like to be.  You’re likely to want to change, or at least tweak your working conditions.

If you've been offered a new job and you’re torn, you should evaluate the variables which arise. It’s not a simple matter of what you want, the change must be financially favourable and coherent with your vocation. Think it through and intelligently examine all the details, it will be the best tool for a great future.

A friend is the best support you currently have, you can ask them for advice and support, if you need it.

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You must learn to let go of that which doesn’t allow you to experience your heart’s true feelings.  Fear can spark a lot of hormonal activity which will negatively affect you. If you’re one of the Scorpios who suffer from high blood pressure, it’s an excellent time to start practising techniques to improve your control over your nervous system and your feelings.

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