Scorpio Horoscope Thursday 2020

Prove your worth - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, November 19, 2020

Don't take anything as a personal affront, the energy will be very intense and complex this Thursday


This is a powerful Thursday in terms of astral energies. The moon joins the three energy titans in Capricorn, which conform the multiple conjunction that caused so much ado this year.

For many Scorpios it will be a disturbing day where their difficulty expressing what they want is combined with a certain level of melancholy in their relationship, which gets in the way of a normal and amenable communication.

It will be very positive if you wait for this vibration to pass, without judging other people’s relationships and observing your feelings without judgement or pressure. We’re experiencing very intense moments which must be understood in order to avoid further problems in your romantic relationships.


Many will find themselves needing to close a deal or sign a purchase or sale writ.  Those who don’t have professional advice from a solicitor will have to sharpen their senses, as cons will be a real risk, keep an eye on the details and go over the small print, as this Thursday all sorts of manipulation of information might happen, especially when it comes to commerce and business.

In the area of work, those who are employed are likely to feel mounting tension in the environment, some colleague might insist in thinking themselves superior and assuming that they know more than you do, today you’ll have to prove your worth, avoiding direct clashes.

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This day your health will be affected by the pressure and stress around you.  You’d want to evade reality, but you can’t, so you’ll start building up tension throughout the day, until you feel you’re about to blow your lid. Avoid eating foods with a high sodium content and keep an eye on your blood pressure.