Scorpio Friday on a sky background

Financial matters are sorted - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, March 19, 2021

It's time to close chapters and modify the conditions you were dealing with in your financial matters


An explosion of solar energy might take place in Scorpio’s love life. If you’re single, you won’t shy away from enjoying to the fullest with someone you like a lot, but who might not be relationship material. Today you leave all prejudice behind, caution in love isn’t your thing, and it’s easy for you to enjoy life in all its aspects.

You start a romance which might be unparalleled, and you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy, not for anything in the world. Remember that it’s time to live.

Your inner freedom helps you open up to numerous scenes of happiness and satisfaction, Scorpio.

Those who are in a relationship will leave money arguments behind and will find common ground with their partners in this respect. You’ll manage to reach agreements regarding the use of shared assets, to put them towards the progress and happiness of your relationship.

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Many of the current energies of this Friday aim at promoting the progress of your shared assets or an agreement on family inheritances.

Fiscal matters are easily solved, and you might receive notifications regarding a mortgage for a house, or the confirmation of the signing of a letting agreement.

Everything seems to be heading towards resolution when it comes to your finances. If you’re in the process of closing a business deal, then you’re likely to receive good news. Don’t stop checking your email. Good news is coming.


In general lines, inner harmony influences good health, and this will still be true for Scorpios.

If you’re expecting the results of a test or analysis, the results will be very favourable and, if you’re undergoing treatment, then you’re likely to finish it with the expected results.

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